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Brooke House Sixth Form College (BSIX) is a comprehensive sixth-form college in Hackney, East London. Entry requirements for Level 3 qualifications are amongst the lowest in the sixth-form sector. Approximately 93 percent of students come from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups, and around 23 percent are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM). The College has approx. 1100 students of which, 26 percent come from European countries and 9 percent have studied overseas prior to joining the College. According to national statistics, Hackney has the highest proportion of areas within the most deprived 10 percent nationally (11 percent of its LSOAs). It is ranked as the 78th most deprived authority in England on this measure.

‘Mental Health is at the heart of how BSix College strives for academic excellence. It is only fitting, that the introduction of Querencia has demonstrated excellence in the development of student wellbeing. By working together, student self-worth is actively leading to positive academic outcomes for students.’

 Kishan Pithia – Vice Principal Student Experience

“I signed up for Joelle’s six-week Yoga for Beginners course having only ever done a little bit of pregnancy yoga during my first pregnancy six years ago. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I shouldn’t have worried, Joelle moved at a pace that suited the whole of the class and put me at ease. Joelle helped me build my confidence with her patient and dedicated approach, her passion and wonderful energy shine’s through – even through a screen. My six-year-old son was keen to join in too and it became a really special activity for the two of us to do together. I’d recommend Joelle to anyone in a heartbeat, she’s very special at what she does.

Cathy, 39 Marketing Manager

“I’ve been practicing yoga with Joelle for two years – one in person and one online. Throughout lockdown especially, her classes have played an important part in maintaining my overall well-being.
Joelle clearly has expertise, care, and passion for what she does, which is reflected in each and every one of her classes. They are perfectly paced, with clear guidance and whilst they are pressure free, they provide the opportunity to build strength and flexibility. The sixty minutes fly by – and I really feel the difference when I miss a class!”

Olivia, 33 PR account director

“I’ve been going to gyms for many years and have experienced many teachers, but Joelle’s Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga classes are well above everyone else. Her classes are of course challenging but so exciting and lively. And I know for sure it is the only way to improve my strength and flexibility. “Since the beginning of the Pandemic, I also have been having the chance to discover and to become a regular to Joelle’s pranayama yoga classes (breathing exercises classes) and I must say it has been a wonderful help to go through the crazy time we are living with calm, balance and clarity. Joelle is a very nice person with a soft and fierce spirit and an aura that radiates calm and energy at the same time. She is a true professional and every time I can’t wait to have her back for another session”

Laurent 55,  Internet Entrepreneur and Start-up advisor

I used to practice yoga regularly but I struggled to find a teacher in London that I could connect with. Joelle has re-ignited my love for the practice. Her passion for yoga and meditation really shines and I appreciate how she always brings breathwork and meditation into every practice. She has a calming voice and constantly guides you through the practice giving you confidence that you’re working the right muscles and relaxing into the postures properly. I love Joelle’s Vinyasa class, it is always really creative, varied, and fun.
Faye-35-Business Development Manager

”I have been taking yoga classes with Joelle for the past 2.5 years, and while I have experienced classes with other teachers I have not found one that was as motivating and gratifying as Joelle’s. Her instructions are so clear that I don’t find I need to turn around to look at what she is doing to try to replicate which helps with flow. Her classes never feel like an effort! Above all of that, Joelle is so lovely, I feel I have made a friend in her as well.“

Laura, 29 Economic consultant

“I’ve been practicing yoga with Joelle for the past three years, both at the gym and online, and can honestly say she is the best yoga teacher I have ever learned with. She is both spiritual and knowledgeable about the body ensuring that we work towards getting that magical blend of the three energies into our practice. Covid has meant I have sat too much and not exercised enough. Two minutes into yoga practice with Joelle and I can feel my mind and body let go and I focus purely on the practice.”

Karen 64, director, global accounting firm

I have been attending Joelle’s breathing classes for the last year.
I have no yoga background and didn’t really know what to expect.
Because of Joelle’s clear and knowledgeable teaching, I have found starting the day with breathwork both relaxing and informative.
I am certain the classes have been beneficial for my asthma and my well-being, particularly during a different and difficult year.
I have no hesitation in encouraging anyone to enter into her breathing classes, in order to discover for themselves an understanding and experience of a practice that I have found to have enormous benefits.

Andy-68- Solicitor

I would never have considered online training before – but I must say It’s been fantastic.  I’ve decided to focus on yoga now and this has also become Joelle’s focus.  Three months of lockdown later, I have done yoga 6 mornings a week with Joelle and have only missed 1 session.  I feel better than I have in a very long time.  Joelle is an outstanding teacher.  She has a lovely personality in that she’s open to new people and is genuinely interested in helping you to embrace exercise and particularly yoga – no matter what stage you’re at.  In addition to one-to-one sessions, I’ve also joined her online group classes, which are a mixture of abilities. Joelle keeps all of us engaged – encouraging the less flexible and beginners and helping the more experienced and flexible members to explore new poses and approaches.  So whether you’re a total beginner or already very experienced, I think you will be hard-pressed to find a better trainer or yoga instructor than Joelle.


“What is different about Joelle? I feel safe and happy learning with her after the stresses of the day. Such a gift. Joelle has kept me sane over the last year with her breathwork and meditation classes each week, her relaxed, straightforward sessions give me the opportunity to really understand the techniques she is teaching and use them as part of my everyday routine.“

Karen, Founder of FoodFM Radio and Sponsorship Agency Reg&co

“Can highly recommend Joelle. Provides clear direction and support when working with beginners. Shows great empathy and patience to a fault. Never thought for one moment that I would embrace yoga but through Joelle’s patient guidance I still attend her class 4 years later.”

Oliver Daly Principal HR Consultant & Coach http://www.bluedoodle.com

“I have been taking classes with Joelle for over 3 years now, first at my gym and since the lockdown, my classes are online. That enabled me to keep myself sane during a difficult period of time. Joelle is a very diligent and good yoga teacher. She knows how to adapt to her audience depending on our level of fitness on the day. I would strongly recommend her as a teacher.”

Virginie – 53 – Head of Communications for an investment bank