About Us

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Welcome to Querencia Consultants

At Querencia Consultants our aim is to empower our clientele through the provision of individual choice of their well being needs. With in depth consultation, we develop an understanding of our clients to facilitate the very best position to empower them to work towards their own well being, with our guided and bespoke support. Our holistic approach aims to recognise that as human beings we are multifaceted in our qualities and traits and as such there are no single solutions that can address our overall well being. The Querencia family also recognises that as people, while we are all individual, there is much that brings us together in considering what constitutes and impacts upon our physical, emotional and mental health and it is this common ground we have built our solutions to provide the foundation for positive & overall well being.

Co-founder Joelle Makwana

Our Story

Querencia Consultants founders Joelle, Reaz and Manish have over 3 decades of experience between them in providing practical and transformative delivery in their specialist well-being areas of fitness, yoga, mentoring and music.

Developing their knowledge from their professional experiences, the founders of Querencia have understood that in order to comprehensively address the well being of any given individual, whether that be in a personal or work context, there are no singular solutions and moreover a multi-dimensional holistic approach is required.

It is with this mindset the Querencia Consultants foundations have been laid, bringing together varied professionals across a multitude of genres, who are the very best in their respective fields to contribute their knowledge to create a well being consultancy that is truly unique in approach to the needs of our client