QC Wellbeing

Mou Aysha – Photography

QC Well-being has been set up to level out the access to well-being provision in our communities and wider society.

The basis of our foundation is the core belief that every single person is given the opportunity to access our well-being provision(s) and that the personal financial restrictions of any given individual should never be a barrier to accessing such provisions. 

QC Well-being finances itself on the same Pay-It-Forward principle as the wider Querencia project, namely using a % of the fees earned by those that can afford it to help pay and create provisions for those that can’t. 

It is our principled belief that we cannot address our individual well-being, without addressing our interdependent living and further, that this interdependence should be both embraced and celebrated to create and support an equality that will result in individuals existing collectively with an improved understanding of what it truly means to live being well. 

Project 1

The Querencia Community Communication Station

The story of the Querencia Community Communication Station so far – a project where we distribute local interest books by writers of colour and the wider east end community to both our youngers and our elders to educate and celebrate our identities, history & heritage, acknowledging being well meant embracing we all have a beautiful story to tell…

Please contact us at info@querenciaconsultants.com if you would like to join our adventure and exploration into consciousness community creativity as we would love to collaborate and celebrate you…